Lease Agreement

Taul Development
2912 Ivanhoe Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 510-8891

Resident Application   Guaranty of Rent Payment

Lease Agreement

This LEASE AGREEMENT (hereinafter the “Lease”) is between *, , (hereinafter referred to as “Resident” or “Residents”) and Taul Development, LLC (hereinafter the “Unit” or “Premises”), located at * Hancock Street, Tallahassee, Florida, (the“Complex”). This Lease includes the Supplemental Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “TC”), which are incorporated herein by reference, which expand upon, or are in addition to, Sections 1 through 11 below. Where the TC expand upon a Section below, reference is made herein “See TC Section”, in which case the particular TC Section should be read in conjunction with the Section.

1. APARTMENT AND USE. Landlord agrees to lease to Resident and the Resident agrees to lease the Unit from the Landlord. Units are either furnished or unfurnished. The Resident shall use the Unit for living purposes only. The Apartment shall only be occupied by the Resident(s).

2. TERM. The initial term of the Lease shall commence as 12:01 a.m. on the * day of *, 20*, and end at 12:00 p.m. on the* day of *, 20*. If there are multiple Residents, written notice of termination from or to one Resident will be considered notice from or to all Residents. See TC Section 1 for Resident’s obligations prior to moving out and if Resident holds over after the expiration of the term of the Lease.

3. RENT. Resident shall pay a total annual rental of *Dollars ($.00) made payable in equal monthly installments of* to Taul Development, 2912 Ivanhoe Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32312 on or before the first of each month (the due date) without a grace period. Rent unpaid after the due date is delinquent and will authorize all remedies in this Lease. See TC Section 3.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Resident has deposited with Landlord a security deposit in the amount of $* as security for the performance of each and every covenant and agreement of the Lease. See TC Section 2.

5. UTILITIES. Resident(s) shall make their own arrangement for and pay for the costs for all utilities and utility deposits serving the Unit including but not limited to electricity, water, and sewage. Internet and cable are included. Resident shall not allow electricity to be disconnected by any means (including nonpayment of bill) until the end of the Lease term or renewal period. Landlord shall not be responsible for providing any utilities to the Unit.

6. CONDITION OF THE UNIT, ALTERATIONS, REPAIRS. Resident accepts the Unit and fixtures “AS IS”, and with all its faults,except for conditions materially affecting health or safety of ordinary persons. See TC Section 6. Resident shall only make alterations in accordance with TC Section 7 and Resident’s repair obligations are as set forth in TC Section 8.

7. RULES AND REGULATIONS. No smoking inside of Unit. Resident, Resident’s guest and occupants shall comply with all the rules incorporated into or stated in this Lease. See TC Section 5.

8. PETS. No pets are allowed, even temporarily, anywhere in the Unit or Complex without the Landlords written consent, which consent may be given or withheld at Landlord’s sole and exclusive discretion. See TC Section 4.

9. ASSIGNMENT; SUBLETTING. You cannot assign this Lease or sublet the Apartment without Landlord’s advance written consent in each instance to a request made by you. Landlord may refuse to consent to a lease assignment for any reason or for no reason. See TC Section 14.

10. DEFAULT. In the event of a default by the other party, Resident and Landlord each have a number of remedies. See TC Sections 12 and 13 for what constitutes a default and the consequences of a default.

11. SPECIAL PROVISIONS. The following special provisions and any addendums shall control over any conflicting provision of this Lease:


12. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Resident acknowledges that Resident has received and read the Supplemental Terms and Conditions(“TC”) and understands that they are a part of this Lease.

13. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE. No illegal substances are allowed on the property.

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