Guaranty of Rent Payment

Taul Development
2912 Ivanhoe Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 510-8891

Resident Application  Lease Agreement

This GUARANTY is made and entered into this date set forth below by the undersigned who resides at the address indicated below, hereafter referred to as Guarantor, to Taul Development, LLC.


Owner has agreed to lease the premises described below to the person named below as Resident conditioned on Guarantor’s giving security for payment of rent and performance of the lease by the Resident in the form of this person guaranty. In consideration of Owner entering into the lease with the Resident, the Guarantor agrees as follows:

Section I

Statement of Guaranty

Guarantor guarantees payment of all rent and all financial obligation, costs and charges of any kind, including attorneys’ fees at both the trial and appellate levels, under any lease entered into with the Resident pursuant to the terms of the lease. If Resident defaults in the payment of any installation of rent, or other monies due Owner under the lease, Guarantor shall pay all amounts due Owner or the accelerated balance, if demanded at the option of Owner, with ten (10) days after notice of default and demand for payment mailed to the Guarantor’s address set forth below. Guarantor’s liability shall not be affected by reason of any extension of time granted by Owner to Resident for payment of any monies due or by reason of any assignment or sublease of the lease.

Section II


This guaranty is continuing and unconditional and may not and shall not be revoked during the term of the lease. In the event the lease is modified, renewed or extended, even if on different terms, this Guaranty shall remain in full force and effect until expiration of the renewal or extended lease term and payment of all sums due Owner. This guaranty shall survive termination or expiration of the lease, until all monies due or to become due Owner under the lease, has been paid in full.

Section III

Attorney Fees, Costs, and Interest

Guarantor agrees to pay Owner’s actual attorney’s fees and expenses in the enforcement of the lease and this Guaranty, whether suit be brought or not, if after default, counsel shall be employed by Owner. All amounts due hereunder shall bear interest at the highest rate allowed by law from the dated of default. This Guaranty is to be performed in Leon County, Florida and Guarantor consents to personal jurisdiction and venue for any action base on this instrument being brought in the appropriate court located in that county.

Section IV

Waiver of Notice of Acceptance

Notice of acceptance of this guaranty is expressly waived. When used herein, the singular pronoun or verb shall include plural.

Guarantor’s Information

(H)* (W)

You represent that all of the information provided is true and complete and you authorize verification of the information and credit reports. Please include a copy of your driver’s license.


This was Sworn before me on the Day of The person above has either produced ID or is personally known to me.